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A Stable Life Equine Acceptance Therapy Programme

Dublin South Australia


Equine Acceptance Therapy Programme

Partnering with horses we aim to improve mental health and wellness by building confidence, self-efficacy, self-awareness, communication, building trust, perspective, self-acceptance, social skills, assertiveness and reducing isolation, anxiety and depression. Changing thought patterns and establishing a more positive mindset is part of the “Acceptance” programme. The programme is conducted by a counsellor on 100 acres of peace and quiet, in a non-clinical environment and is created to be flexible for all. Individual private sessions, couples or group sessions are available. No riding involved and no horse experience necessary.

Tactical Resiliency Protocol TR-P For Trauma

Have you ever been exposed to a traumatic event that you still have an emotional reaction to when you think about it? When you think about the event, on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being no emotions and 10 being a very intense emotion where would it be? If there was a way to get that high number down to a 0 or a 1, would it interest you? What if there was a way to disconnect those triggers and trauma responses without disclosing any of the details about the trauma, would that interest you? The Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) is specifically designed to interrupt the fear, terror, and helplessness of traumatic memories. This process will begin the separation of emotion from the trauma and start the memory reconsolidation process during the sleep and the REM cycle. This process will shut off the brain's fight or flight mechanism, allowing for the symptoms associated with PTSD to stop.

Emotional Management Process EMP for Trauma

Negative emotions are unpleasant or unhappy emotions negatively affecting an event or person. If a person spends too much time dwelling on negative emotions, it becomes a spiral of rumination, over thinking, replaying, or obsessing over negative emotional situations and experiences. The Emotional Management Process (EMP) is designed specifically to reframe our emotional responses to certain stimuli. It identifies the root cause of negative emotions. This process was developed to assist veterans and first responders, and their families in dealing with frequently out of control emotions. This process is part of the missing link to help restore the lives of those who put on a uniform.

Counselling with or without horses

Men, Women, Children and Couples

Not everyone wants to work with horses but everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time.

If things just seem to be going around in circles or just not making sense or you find you are angry all the time, do you have a short fuse or trouble trusting people, do you hate going to work at a job you once loved or just can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning to face another day.

You may find you just need to talk it through or get another opinion on what is happening to you. At A Stable Life Counselling Service we keep it real. We can sit in the office or under a tree in a non-clinical environment.

As A counsellor I work with people from all walks of life. The general public, Police Officers, The Australian Defence Force serving soldiers and veterans and men and women from all different professions.

Understanding the military mindset is important as this can quite often be a big part of the problem if you are not thriving in the civilian community after leaving the military.

You only have to tell your story until you find the right person to talk to.

At A Stable Life Counselling Service with Equine Acceptance Therapy, we offer a non clinical, peaceful, safe place to  explore your feelings, behaviours and emotions without judgement. Relax and reflect with our horses.  Our programme is completely flexible to suit each individuals needs.  Sessions include but are not limited to, 
An introduction to safety aspect to consider while working with horses is explained. We will introduce you to our horses. This could be patting the horses over the fence or for those who are a little more confident you can interact a little closer, one on one time in with the horse, with support. This helps to builds confidence. 
Once you are comfortable around the horses, you can choose a horse to work with. At this point, a bond  between you and the horse is often created through brushing, patting, being calm, relaxed and non-threatening. You will learn to understand body language and boundaries. This will help build trust, confidence and self-awareness.   

You can walk horses through exercises, leading, yielding and moving the horse around the arena. This  promotes taking control, confidence building and learning to “Ask” not “Demand” therefore creating calm. Every action has a reaction.  

If you would like to take it a little further, at this stage you can learn basic horsemanship. Working through issues the horse may have, problem solving, processing and simplifying issues for the horse. This teaches you to be responsive not reactive to issues. This promotes self-awareness and the monitoring of moods, attitudes and self-control.  
The next stage is working with horses at liberty, no ropes or halters. Having control over a 550kg horse builds self-awareness, trust, respect and connection with the horse. To be successful you must be calm and “in the now” with the horse. 
At the end of each session there is time to reflect and recap what has been learnt during the sessions. Time to relax, recognise any behavioural changes and how horsemanship philosophies can be adopted into everyday life. This allows you to reflect and relay what you feel you have  achieved. A progress assessment is made to enable you to move at your own pace, without pressure.  
Individual Private Sessions: Bookings are taken for a morning or afternoon session. Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Friday. The session duration is from one to two hours. (can go longer if required on the day) Booking can be made for one session at a time or booked in blocks for continuity. 12 sessions preferred for best results.  Session progress will depend on the individual. The more comfortable you are around the horse the more horsemanship skills can be taught. Each session can progress from the last. Where possible, you can use the same horse you bonded with in your last session. 
Couples Sessions:  Couples sessions can be arranged.  If you struggle to leave the house or go to new places bring your partner for support. This is a great bonding exercise. It gives the participant a sense of achievement and confidence. This programme helps reconnect couples who are struggling to keep their relationship together due to the stresses of living with mental health issues.


Support Person Only: We arrange special partners only days for people who are living with someone with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression. These days are for supporting those who are trying to "hold it all together" for their loved one. Learn new coping skills, get out for the day with others in a similar situation as you and meet new people.  Carers can book private individual sessions.
During the booking in process provisions can be made to cater for women only groups. 


TRP and EMP can be run in conjunction with Equine Acceptance Therapy or individually.
Times can be modified to suit weather conditions and individuals needs. 


Closed in sturdy shoes, sun hat, weather appropriate clothing must be worn.

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