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A Stable Life Counselling Service

Equine Acceptance Therapy

Dublin South Australia

Rob Walker, Professional Horseman/trainer/farrier. 

Having been involved with horses for over 35 years, I became interested in the behaviour and psychology of the horse. My philosophy was to try to understand why the horse was behaving the way it was. Having trained dogs in the past I felt many of these training methods could be adapted to horses. I do not need a rope on my dog so why do I need a rope on my horse. I adopted the natural horsemanship method of training. Many horses have been brought to me with behavioural issues. I work through these issues with the horse and owner. The horse’s mental health is my focus.  I established the Equine Acceptance Therapy programme many years ago for troubled youths who had a variety of issues. In conjunction with an ex Sergeant of Police we successfully changed the path of destruction that these children were on. The programme was very successful and rewarding. I feel this programme has the potential to change many lives.

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Julie Walker, Dip.Couns completing advance study majors in Grief and Loss, Addictions and Relationship and Conflict Resolution. Certified coach in The Tactical Resiliency Protocol TR-P for Trauma and Emotional Management Process EMP for Trauma, Diploma in Equine Psychology.

I feel I have not only obtained qualifications through study but have life experience, empathy and enthusiasm to help others.  Having been involved in Karate for 17 years with 8 of those years as an instructor I obtained the rank of Second Dan Black belt. During this time, I found people came to Karate for many reasons but the majority of people had personal issues such as domestic violence, low self-esteem, bullying, self-defence, confidence building, conflict resolution, self-control or anger management issues. I then adapted counselling from the Dojo to the arena. I have owned and loved horses for over 40years. Working from a holistic approach with Equine Acceptance Therapy the aim is to help clients transform their relationship with difficult thoughts and emotions and to take back control of their life.

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